2014/2015 Schedule:

September 30: Emina Alibegovic - Wonders to Ponder
October 21: Emina Alibegovic - What's in the cube?
November 25: Will Nesse - Why The DeterminantDecember 16: Evelyn Lamb - Math and Music: mathematical reasons why stuff sounds the way it doesJanuary 27: Sayonita Ghosh Hajra - Coloring the plane
February 24: Herb Clemens - Modeling the heating of a pool
March 24: Mark ShoemakerApril 28: Emily Witt - The minimal criminal and the principle of recursion.
We will continue to meet on Tuesday evenings, gather at 6:15pm to start circle at 6:30pm. We are going to attempt to change the place. The parking situation at the U can be very frustrating, and it's pretty far from the various highway exits. Brian suggested we try Rowland Hall, and they graciously offered their space to us. This year we'll be meeting at Rowland Hall's faculty lounge. The address is:
Rowland Hall
843 Lincoln StreetSalt Lake City, Utah 84102
Rowland Hall is located near the 9th and 9th neighborhood between Lincoln St. and 1000 East. You may street park along the east side of Lincoln (right next to the school). The faculty parking lounge is only accessible from 1000 East. The main entrance is off of Lincoln St. and should be open but we will post someone at the door if it is locked. Call my cell (801-608-1597) if you show up a little late and are locked out (shouldn't happen... but just in case). All of this is summarized in the figure below.

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