Welcome back!

Every meeting is held in the loft of LCB, starting with dinner at 6:15 and finishing promptly at 8.

Fall/Spring of 11/12 Schedule

September 26 -- Emina Alibegovic, Amanda Cangelosi: sequences_9_26_2011.pdf
October 24 -- Emina Alibegovic, Few number problems: numbers_10_24_2011.pdf
November 21 -- Vi Hart
December 19 -- Amanda Cangelosi

January 23 -- Emina Alibegovic, more pattern sniffing: sequences_1_23_2012.pdf
February 27 -- Emina Alibegovic, Sneaky segments: sneaky_segments_2_27_2012.pdf
March 19 -- Amanda Cangelosi, Sneaky segments continued
April 23 -- Emina Alibegovic, matrices_colors_4_23_2012.pdf (from Klein blog and Digital Contents). We'll use couple of their applets