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Teacher Circle Problems

Henri's notes

Geogebra files:
  1. spirograph inside (hypotrochoid)
  2. spirograph outside (epitrochoid)
  3. spirograph contruction - (without instructions for now)
  4. spirograph parametric equation

Summer 14 Workshop:

Teaching through problems and integrated mathematics curriculum
July 27 – August 1, 2014
Please join us for another week long workshop aimed at rekindling our passion for problem solving and tinkering with mathematics. We will follow familiar patterns of problem solving sessions interspersed with collaboration time. This year we are excited to welcome Henri Picciotto as a leader of the afternoon session!

The circle problems will be chosen so that the work involved reflects the interconnected nature of mathematics. Our goal is not to develop curriculum of high school mathematics, and most of the time the topics aren't rooted in the core standards. We hope to find a topic new for everyone, or at least old topic presented in novel ways. In addition, we will have some time for collaboration with your colleagues. You are asked to express your interests during application process.
external image cleardot.gif
external image cleardot.gif

Participants may receive university credit for this workshop for a nominal fee. Applications will be reviewed starting May 15. Participants will be notified as they are accepted. We have 20 spaces available. Should it be necessary, the preference will be given to people who have not attended our workshop more than two years in a row. We will need the final commitment no later than June 15th, and the final list of names will be sent to the hotel on June 20. The workshop will be held along the Wasatch range, and final information will be sent with the acceptance letter.
In the event that you are accepted, please mail a $100 check no later than June 10 to CSME, Math Department: 155 S 1400 E Room 233, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0090. The check should be written out to the CSME. This check will be returned to you upon the completion of the workshop. In the event that you choose not to attend, this will cover the incurred fees.
We will provide:

  • lodging: 7/27 check in, 8/1 check out (shared occupancy – if you would like to bring your family, or would like your own room, you will be responsible for the difference (the amount will be announced shortly, but you can expect it to be on the order of $60 per night)),
  • food,
  • travel costs.
To apply, fill out the application form.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me: Please, pass along the announcement to people who might be interested in attending.