Workshop on Implementation of the Common Core State Standards

Thank you all for coming. Special thanks to Noelani Ioane, Robert Harris, Cami Perkes, Diane Crim and Carter Jensen for organizing the workshop as well as to Maggie Cummings and Joleigh Honey for presenting.

As you may be aware, we have not covered all the material that we planned. I am attaching the pdf of the presentation as it played out instead of planned version.

Presentation - ccss_presentation_actual.pdf - if you would like any of the slides, please email me:

Here are individual files of the problems that were presented or were intended to be presented:

Spreading rumors, OK GO! - Problem0.pdf
Sticks and dots - Problem1.pdf
Exponential vs. linear (tables, stories, sequences) - Problem2.pdf
Friendly Freddie's Flagpoles - Problem2_a.pdf
Employment choice - Problem3.pdf
Statistics examples, courtesy of Jordan/Canyons group:
Speaking of M&Ms, here is Diane Crim's lesson: m&mmath.pdf